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okay, posting results was being released yesterday and most of us received it through SMS. So ... here's the SMS i received yesterday at 7.30 am -

MOE: LEE XI TONG, you are posted to NANYANG JC, SCIENCE(26S) under 2013 JAE. Pl report to JC/MI on 01 Feb 10 at 07:30 am.

I woke up at around 7.40am, read this and went back to sleep. LOL i was kinda happy that i got into and also kinda thought that i could enter since i had a 2 point difference. But later that day when i go online, i saw that some JCs' cut off points are being lowered! And Nanyang Jc's cut off point for both science and art has now become 8 (for both). I was like WOW and also feeling kinda lucky .. thank god x.x

Was rather happy that i'm in the same school as Enqi, Jeffrey (wtf, 10 years and counting haha) and Wanyu. Sad to say but beattyians are the minorities in nanyang jc haha. There were quite a few of nanchiau and chung cheng people there :)

 Anws today i went to report to the school,  and we are grouped in different group. Enqi and I are in Yosha but she's in group 9 while i'm in 10. Will blog more about my orientation camp soon :). But was kinda lucky i can get close to some of the girls i guess? Have 2 people from my group, Jenna and Abigail, who knows my other friends. Like Jenna knows Melissa Heng and Abigail knows Marcel. Coincidentally, today's Jenna's birthday! So, happy birthday! Haha.

okay la, better stop blogging since it's really wordy enough lol. Wonder who would read this haha. Ciaos~


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