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actually i don't have anything to blog about but after work today, i saw something and i decide to blog about it, before i forget about it. Nowadays, i rarely have long wordy post (since i know not much people read my blog and they won't be that interested in such post anws), but when i do, i make sure i type everything out haha.

So, here's what happened.

after work i went to 7-11 (a convenience store)to buy something small to snack on since i was super hungry. I was behind this old lady who was making her payment for her bills and also asking some questions about the abalone that was selling at the back on the counter. It took quite awhile and i was secretly wishing that the queue would be faster but yeah.

Made my payment and took my time to finish up the corn dog i bought. The another queue form and there was an aunty standing behind this old lady. The counter lady was trying her best to hurry up pack the old lady's stuff but apparently, it was NOT fast enough for the aunty behind.

Then aunty then say, " 手脚放快一点可以吗? (can you hurry up or not)" to the counter lady in a rather rude manner.Like keep rushing her. Lol, sorry, i translated it from chinese to singlish hahaha.

The old lady replied, "她已经很快了,她那么年轻手脚哪里会慢。" She tried to defend the counter lady saying that she's already trying her best to speed up.

I was kinda irritated (lol idk for what but) cause she's like kinda rude i guess? However, what pisses me off most is the next part.

Then the old lady slowly count and took her money out and just say " 唉, 我穷所以我要慢慢算钱." She meant that she's poor so she needs to slowly count her money.

Now here's the best part. Guess what the aunty at the back said?

She FREAKING said this: " -snort- 穷还可以买鲍鱼燕窝."
She FREAKING said this: " -snort - poor still can buy abalone and bird nest uh"

IN A VERY BITCHY MANNER. It sounded like she despise the old lady or whatever. The old lady then said she rarely buy such stuff but wants to buy for her family for chinese new year (if i remember correctly).

It's like WTF. Okay, maybe the old lady may not be as poor as you think but that doesn't mean people who are poorer than average CANNOT AFFORD ABALONE OR BIRDNEST.. Btws the item is on sale lol, buy abalone free birdnest. I seriously cannot stand this type of people, although i may have once or twice or thrice did something like that to people and i will feel kinda bad la. But whatever the case is, people who saw it, will think that you're nothing but a bitch and that may karma hits you (probably, something like that).

Okay la, i'm not one of those brave souls who will stand up for these people on the spot but still i don't like it when things like this happens.

okay done blogging, long enough right? Hopefully it's worth 5mins of your time lol. Byes. Gonna have to shower and wake up early tmr since i have to go poly open house with friends. Maybe working tmr .. idk.


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