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Well, on thursday (10th of January 2013), GCE 'O'-Level results were being released. I was kinda hoping that my name would be on the screen and etc but anws i got my results :).

When i got my results i was like..

HAHA i used a meme! Lol, but why? Well i'm satisfied with my results and my mum is happy with it.

So here's my result! Okay la, sorry for the low quality of the picture because uh like i said, my camera wasn't with me, plus i was kinda lazy to deal with the lighting lol and i took it with mum's ipad. It's not that clear but on this cert (i have 2 because i took one subject during sec 3):

2A1s, 1A2, 4B3s and 1B4

Yeah mainly Bs haha but it's not bad la since i dont have any Cs ;x. I was actually hoping for more As than Bs ( i mean duh, everybody does). A little disappointed with my amaths since it's not an A1 :/ but i was rather happy with my sciences and higher chinese hahaha. I actually got a B4 for higher chinese (thought i would get a C lol) and both my sciences are not bad so its fine i guess.

So my L1R5 is 11 but i got another 4 bonus points so it becomes: 7 points! Anws, i went to nanyang jc open house and anderson jc open house (will blog about that later sorry). Kinda roughly decided which jc i want to go. Shall submit my form before i blog about it again haha.

Overall, i'm actually happy cause this year my cohort has got like 100% passes and also my class did pretty well! Although top scorer not from my class ( congrats yu ling ^^!) but generally my class did not bad. Most of the people who has got 6 distinctions came from my class! Lastly, i decided to go jc so hopefully i can get into the on and cope well. Shall blog again next time, byes :)

oh, btws i changed my tumblr skin but i will change my blog skin soon.


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