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hi people. It's like going to be 11pm and yeah, here i am blogging lol. Wanted to watch one episode of anime before i sleep but decided to skip it anws since i found something interesting to blog about haha. Oh btws, i've changed my blogskin.

and so, what's this short story that i'm going to share is about?

Just 2 things: my brother and his tooth.

So here was what happen.

*Bro talking to dad about his tooth, which just drop and then headed to the dressing table to find it*
Bro: Daddy, where's my tooth.
Dad: I never see it.
Bro: I wrap in the tissue paper one.
Dad: No leh,don't see any.

Suddenly i was like ..

Me: Is it the one wrap in tissue on the dressing table.
Bro: Ya.
Me: i threw it away.
Bro: HUH. *went to see it for himself*
Haha i felt bad luh, duh. Then i started to comfort him like..

Me: haha omg sorry la. I pit $1 under your pillow okay (no idea if he believe in tooth fairy or not LOL).
Me: You also never tell me its there what.
Bro: but i got tell daddy already what *pouts and cries*

Sigh it has been awhile since i last made him cry .. first in 2013 LOL wth.
Dad also join in to comfort him saying that he never inform me but him only etc.

Feeling bad i went to the toilet dustbin (which i remembered that i threw it inside there) and .. I FOUND IT.. Like "YAY". Lols. Yeah i soaked it with soap and rinsed it with water. Gonna put it in hot water tomorrow LOL  sterilize it.

It was actually a funny incident because it showed how silly and cute my brother was haha. He only told my dad about what's inside the tissue but never expect that there would be someone else other than him would throw away that tissue.

that's all for today shall sleep soon/ Byeessssss.


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