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hi everyone, gonna blog a little today and yeah today's weather is not like the picture above. So i've submitted my JAE form and now currently waiting for results to be out so that i'll know which school will i be posted to. I've put Nanyang Junior College (Science) as my first choice and yeah, hopefully i get in to the school. I guess there may be some competition since i heard this college is kinda affiliated to other secondary schools too .. so .. *fingers crossed*.

Anws,i told my boss and supervisor that i'll end work like on 27 january and i thought i could get my pay by then. But apparently it wasn't possible since they say they will pay us by 8 February and it's in the contract. Lol, yeah first time working so i don't really understand all these. Haha what a noob ._.

Well at first, i enjoy my work it was fine but as time passes i just find new things to complain about lol. I can see that i don't really enjoy the job. It's kinda tiring and my back and knees ache a lot. I also don't like how my supervisor always record the timing like you're in 5 mins later and leaving 5 mins earlier. Sigh, oh well. This is live. This is reality. This is work and society blah blah blah. I take it as experience then.


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