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kekeke. any idea who is she? Well, haha this is my bff - Melissa Heng Li Ya! Idk how many times have i mention her in my blog already haha. So, we met up today and went to watch 'Parental Guidance' which is a comedy show and talk about parenting and family (like duh, the title lol). Would really recommend you guys to watch it with your family.

So we went to kallang leisure park and spent the entire afternoon, till evening, there. After the movie, we went bowling and then to the arcade. It's really fun spending time with her and i like how we don't mind embarrassing ourselves in front of each other haha. Then we exchange our christmas gift (i know, it's like super late haha).

oh and we went for coffee at starbucks for a break. This is some new drink that i decided to try it out. It's one of their tea latte, really yummy.

Went to watsons for some shopping, bought my hair oil which i ran out of and oil blotters since i need them and they're on sale (twin pack). Also, me and babe got ourselves a eye liner. Sigh, both of us really grow up liao LOL starting to doll up.

and here are the photos of the presents she gave me. Nail files, tinted lip balm (was actually planning to get one though haha), a ribbon hair clip (yeah i love ribbons lol), 2 packet of masks from Beauty Buffet (love their mask, tried the pink one but not the yellow one) and also a cute top :).

okay and so here's a random picture of me HAHA. okay, gonna shower and then help mummy to do some stuff and then sleep! Gonna have to work tomorrow hehe. Shall jys and earn as much as i can, tatas~ and nights :D xxx


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