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I'm really really really sorry that i've not been blogging because: 1) my com was down, 2) my camera was with my mum. So here i'm back to blogging and here's a picture of .. MY FEET!

taaa-daaa! Okay la, i edoted the photo will some filters. Had them done today @ AMK hub's LadyFinger. They're really good and professional and i really like my nails after they're done. It's a very very dark red. Despite being so satisfied and all .....

I RUINED IT ): WTF. Yeah due to my carelessness in walking .. i've got a hole on my left foot's second toe from the right x.x Sigh, walao new nails kana ruined by me like so soon, SUPER SOON. Yet, this was suppose to last my till chinese new year ._. Sigh oh well, nobody is going to stare at my feet for a super long time when i remove my footwear right .....  ?

Btws, if you can see the picture clearly enough, i've got strands of hair on both my biggest toes HAHA. Wtf.

So anws, my mum was back from china like 2 weeks ago and she bought me some gifts :) Really like them and i was kinda expecting she would buy shorts/clothes but she didn't haha but it's okay. Still, in the end, she got me something unexpected.

More hairbands to add on to my collection! One more is never too many. HAHA. Yeah, my dad will be nagging at me and etc lol. Oh well, since my dad recently packed my room (maybe take photo to show you guys in another post), i've no idea where are they now :/ .. Hmmm. Should be somewhere in my room.

And also more stamps! I've been buying and collecting stamps nowadays because i'm kinda into making cards for my friends for special occasions like birthdays or christmas.  Will also take a photo of my stamp collection next time ^^.

ViVi and Popteen February issue! I actually requested mummy to buy these for me from Hong Kong since she passed by there and also these magazines are like cheaper over there compared to buying them in Singapore. Have not read them yet, but soon~

and this is the last thing my mum bought me from there and also the most unexpected gift from her! I was like "WOW" when i saw it cause i think it's kinda ex and i don't use perfume a lot. But omg whatever the case is i still love it and i'm gonna spam use it! Hahaha. No idea if perfume is allowed in school but oh well. Really, thank you mummy! She bought this on the plane for me :)

anws, that's all for my update. Maybe will blog ain another post about my shopping haul for this month, bought quite a lot of stuff since chinese new year is coming hehe. Okay, gonna shower and then pack my room a little and sleep! Nights in advance ^^


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