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So hi peeeeeps! How did your first week of 2013 go? Mine was fine i guess though i shed my first tear on friday night LOL. Well, anws, mummy is away, overseas for work and my camera will be with her for 2 weeks so ... that means i can't take much pictures and blog about them :/ .. sorry x.x.

But anws, i got something to blog about haha.

So i receive i letter before my trip to beijing last year and it was something good. And that is .. I GOT THE EAGLES AWARD!! Okay la not really a big deal for many i think but it's an award that your teachers or etc can nominate you for it and then you can get this award - a cert and a cheque. Yes, cheque = money.

Was actually scared that i would miss it and then my cheque fly away ): LOL haha so money minded ;x. But luckily it's scheduled on the 30th of December. That day there was a talk about some sponsorship and then also there was a buffet for us o.o 

long time since i last wore my school uniform. Wearing it again on thursday lol. Funny, i don't know when is the release of results until i saw my friends tweeting it. And now, idk what time should i be in school ._. omg

TAAA-DAAAAA. Was really surprise at the amount i got. I mean like for the past 3 years before 2012 i also have this award but i got SGD$200 instead. So was kinda happy with that extra amount i have. Then mum say maybe because it's the last year in secondary school i'm gettting and etc LOL.

So that's all for today. Life is still as per normal, still working. Hopefully i can have time for chinese new year shopping !!


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