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okay, so. I finally, finally, uploaded the photos in my camera to my computer. And sorry! Haha, yeah nowadays i'm kinda lazy to blog, just wanna eat, drink, sleep and watch my drama/anime the whole day long. But, i decided to blog today or else this space of mine will soon die lol.

So, i uploaded my chalet, sentosa and gardens by the bay photos already and now i'll need to edit and sort them out before i blog about them. And i decided to blog about the sentosa trip first since it kinda has the least number of photos .. actually is has as much photos as the one for gardens by the bay but .. aiya shall just blog about sentosa first la ~ :B Then blog about chalet last since it has the most number of photos hehe.


So, i went to sentosa on the 25th of November, a Sunday. That night, our school is having a prom at somewhere but since some of us (in my class) are not going for prom, we decided to just hang out and have fun at sentosa :). So, i met up with Joohan, Enqi, Adeline, Glendon, LinJiang, and Melissa Tay. Well, i really had a good time there, because it was relaxing and enjoyable :) even though it kinda drizzled and rain a little.

Met at vivo, buy some stuff and then head off to Sentosa~
well, be prepared, there are lots of photos ahead!


We went to Siloso, and found a nice spot with shade. Opened our picnic mat and just throw our bags there lol. Wtf, i swear that there are lots of ants there lol. Whatever. Anws, then we started to try to set up the kite and tried to fly it but in the end it failed because there's something wrong with the kite.

Adeline was playing volleyball with joohan.

Yeah i took random photos of the sky cause i thought that it looked nice despite if looking gloomy and a little dark. Well, edited them with some filters :).


Enqi was determined to make the kite fly, but it failed anws haha.

Then later the rest went to a nearby net to play volleyball with other people. If you're wondering why i did not join them, it's because i was having severe cramps like 5am in the morning and it was terrible. I felt giddy and painful but i took panadol and went to sleep again and i felt better later in the day so i go ahead and meet up with them.

Another random photo of the sky again. Can "see" that the wind is blowing ~ lol 

Adeline :) 

Glendon with this smile on his face, wondering who is he SMS-ing with~ Lalalalalala :D Haha. He made this his whatsapp dp LOL

 JooHan and adeline~

Playing in the water ~ but i can't ):

After that it started to drizzle and we move all our things to a nearby pavilion. We rest for awhile and had our lunch. I made salmon-mayo sandwiches and egg-mayo sandwiches, whereas adeline made scrambled egg and tua-mayo sandwiches. I also made fruit salad and melissa tay brought  brownies :)

Glendon lol. Then we played stone skipping a little.


HAHAHA all of the sudden, Enqi  just started to play with sand. She's building a mountain lol according to her. Haha but we all laughing cause she looks so peaceful .. #zen.

wanted to try this but didn't in the end haha.

Made by glendon.

Melissa Tay and Enqi :)

Joo Han.


Stupid jump shots by Glendon LOL The first photo is just ... lol idk what to say.


And then another set of stupid jump shots by joohan haha.

taa-daaa fruit salad. Okay it miht no look appetising but it's really yummy lol. And instead of mayo or whatever salad dressing i used yogurt instead, plain, strawberry and blueberry yogurt.


After spending time with them i went to have lunch with my mum and my childhood friend's family. So i kinda pangseh them ): .. felt bad though haha. So that's all for today's post, ciaos :) Will blog again soon ^^.

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