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 may everyone have a happy day and also to receive lots of presents and love :) xxx 

 haha hi all, how did you guys spent christmas? Mine was pretty simple. Like really, like another usual day spent with my family haha. Well, we went out for breakfast @ amk hub and then we went to watch a movie - "CZ12" which is the latest movie that jackie chan is in it. It's worth watching, had quite a lot of action scenes and not forgetting the funny parts too :)! After that, we had lunch at Ajisen and then dad send me to work. Work for awhile though. Today's work was rather fun, moved from decorating hampers to setting up gifts and etc. I work better with gifts i guess haha,

Oh, and Amelyn gave me a kit kat for christmas. (First and kinda only present haha, oh well, better than nothing :B). 

Well, that's all for today, shall eat my medicine and then shower and then have a good rest. So, nights everyone ^^. Hopefully my friends all receive my christmas cards *prays*.

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