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As you can see from the title, which is like super-duper obvious lol, i found a job! Although the pay isn't really high, it's as flexible as my working hours, but still i find it okay. I'm currently working with Amelyn, Joline and JunLiang. Amelyn introduced me this job, it's wrapping hampers and gifts which is okay for me. Except hopefully i don't get any rashes or allergic reaction to the dust or whatever at the warehouse. Lol. Zhimin also found a job, so yay for her :) 

At first i went there for a interview then i tried doing some of the job and then i got hired, yay :D. I actually wore t-shirt and long jeans, yes long jeans, there cause mum insisted that i wear long jeans there since industrial areas seems kinda dangerous for girls like me. Lol.

Anws, i'm gonna schedule a post for friday and i shall go do a mask now and sleep hehe byeeees :D. Lol, i'm currently having some big pimples on my face -.- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ..

oh, btws you can click on this link (http://lockmyheartforsweeties.blogspot.sg/) and hop over to zhimin's blog to see her crazy gif and also to read about our chalet post. Her's is more detailed and funny :) hehe.


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