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finally, now i can use my bro's computer lol. Don't really like it since it's like outside and so, there goes some of the privacy i needed. Haha, aiya but never mind, it's not like i'm doing any illegal stuff or watching *ahem*. 

 So, anws, gonna blog about my day today. Shall blog about my beijing trip soon, but not now because i need to edit the photos which is about .. 200 plus ... hehe :D.

Today i went out with mum and bro, firstly we went to Yu Guo (some traditional chinese clinic). the 3 of us went for massage and then after that we head down to city hall cause mum suggest that we should try "Skinny Pizza" for lunch. No, actually, it's brunch.

Here's the menu. My mum was asking why am i taking photos of the menu. I wonder why.

here are our side dishes.  1/4 meter long sausage (pork), fries and prawns. The sausage is rather thin but it taste really nice, with or without the sauce (which is mustard).

the pizza we ordered - english breakfast.The tomatoes are huge and juicy and egg is just nice, not too oily. The green stuff there (lol) are actually basil (i think, if i remembered correctly) and there are also bacon and portbello mushroom... Ohmnomnomnomnom.

Brother's all time favourite pasta - aglio olio pasta. Clam dishes are his favourite and he always order this pasta if it's in the menu.

First time eating mushroom risotto. It's nice except for the sauce which really sucks. I have no idea what sauce is it but it spoilt the taste of my risotto ):

and taaa-daaa. mum's black pepper prawn pasta. The prawn smells fresh and yummy, and the noodles taste like stir fried noodles like those i eat at weddings haha wtf, nah. Didn't eat the prawn cause i'm kinda allergic to them. And, this dish has got some caviar too!

then after having such a heavy brunch, we went to walk around and then head down to town to buy some stuff.

 Bought like a winter outer coat (for daddy) and a pair of shoes/boots for myself from Timberland. Timberland is having sales and we bought enough to become a member for 2yrs LOL. Oh yeah,
i'm a timberland member now. And yeah, my shoe is from the kids' section, so the size of my feet is like timberland kids' size 3 lol, the largest kids' size. Not bad.

the other things i bought, mostly are for card making/scrapbook making. Got a few stamps and i'm very happy even though it's kinda expensive haha but whatever. Bought stamps, envelopes, ink pad and the rilakkuma tape for zhimin :)

Closer view of the tape. Cute right :)? haha. Okays, so that's all for today, i shall go and have my dinner now. Ciaos~~~~~


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