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okays, so it has been quite some time since i last blog, cause i'm getting lazier everyday since i work (my lame excuse, but still valid). Gonna update a bit about my life and also likely to schedule some post so that when i'm like overseas or something, you guys can still have something to read from my blog haha. I'm bringing my camera cables and etc there .. so yup, hopefully i'll be able to blog there :) hehe.

so, this is my breakfast for today and also for the past few morning LOL. Yeah, made it myself and it got easier each time. Duh, practice makes perfect. I don't really flip it but just roll it up instead lol. Egg with cheese, bacon and tomatoes :) #yummy

This is a new esprit bag that my aunt gotten. She bought it and then say it doesn't suits her or something like that then ask if i want it or not. Well, since i was kinda craving for a new bag and also i like this type of bags, not too big or small, it can be used daily and also matches most of my outfits :)

i like the lock haha. no idea why but anws, it's fake lol. Just for design purposes.

This is how it looks like in the inside.

went to get a refill for this since i'm going to beijing (apparently it's freaking cold right there now), it's winter and i'm lazy to shower in the morning so i use this to "shower" and also to make my hair neater somehow haha.

 bought facial mist too, since i'm running out of them. Iuse them like all over my body lol .. hehe :P

And, i went to etude house yesterday. Mummy got her mascara and i bought a bb cream and a bacne breakout mist. It's a new product in singapore but it has been in korea for some time i guess? I saw it online like sometime ago, ordered it from gmarket but thing the mail got lost of something -.- pttf. Well, that's what you get for shopping online some times. Sigh. I'm currently having like acne at my back, around my waist at the back too and also some around my chest. So hopefully this can help me to make my skin bvetter or evern better, get rid of them! As for the bb cream, currently i'm like trying to find the bb cream that suits me so i'm gonna try this out.

lol wow, i don't put make up when i go out in the past and i kinda don't like to put on make up because it makes my skin feels worst and i don't really think that i look good in the anws. But nowadays i go out with bb cream or tinted moisturizer (from garnier). \

Btws, i seriously love etude, shall blog more about it next time if i have an Etude haul or something. And uh, i've join their membership since i spent like $60 yesterday lol on like 3 products or so. with SGD$60 i think i can go korea's etude and buy more than 3 products lor haha.

and uh i finally received my money from nuffnanfg! Yay~ Bank in liao haha.


okay, so that's all for today, gonna work today around 4pm. Then soon, i'll be leaving house with granddad for his eye check up and my earpiece it spoilt .. arghghg~ Haha. See? This is what i get when i don't update frequently. I'll be blogging about things in random sequence lol. Ciaos~ and enjoy your week :)


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