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meow :3

hehe morning~ Just woke up not long ago. Have been sleeping around kinda late nowadays which is .. BAD ): Gahh, shall try to sleep early in future. Anws, so fast, and it's wednesday already and i', flying to beijing tmr! It's a midnight flight though haha. For those who have been reading my blog, this is like my 4th time flying over to beijing already. And i think ..i still owe you guys my 2011's beijing trip wtf LOL. Okay will schedule one la. I think mostly is post picutres nothing much to blog about cause i kinda forget some of the things liao T.T eeeee ..

so anws, taaa-daaaa :D. My mum FINALLY gotten me a hard disk to store my pictures (i have like THOUSANDS of them, just base on my anime pictures). Well, i guess it's not weird for girls to have so many photos to save lol. Anws she got it in white, i was hoping for a pink one haha but never mind.

Decided to "bling" it. Yeah, i used the crystals stickers i bought from a shop in beijing last year. It's damn cheap! Like one sheet is 8.5yuan, so is about SGD$1.30? Mad worth it right? Haha. Plus i'm lazy to like really bling it with real crystals and glue.

Decided to just do the sides. Looks abit crooked but i guess it's fine :B hehe.


So yesterday i met up with my primary school mates - MElissa Heng, Xinfen, Yixuan, Yew Wei, Aaron, Zhirui, yongqing, jocelia, sean, alexander (wtf, he changed the most, like more handsome haha), Dylan, Yee Shong and yeah that's all. Went for dinner date and walked around. Had to leave them earlier (sorry!) though. Hope to meet up with them soon again despitefeeling a little awkward hehe.

okays gonna get ready to pack my stuff so that i can leave house earlier and go to work asap :B ciaos~


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