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Well, bought some skin care products recently. The on above is from Laniege, i have been using their sleeping mask for quite some time and i love it! The next morning when i wake up, my face feels smooth and it's not dry or oily at all. I can just wash my face with just water and get out of my house lol wtf, that sounds more like laziness rather than .. *ahem*. Anws, Melissa Tay ask me to help her get this (aboeve) for her and she says that it's good. Its rather pricey i guess? I got it about $33 on gmarket.

The seller is kind enough to give me so mamy samples heheh~~ 

It's all rice base and mummy secretly used mine and claim that it's good! Haha. I bought it for a rather cheap price for the whole set for like less than $30 (for the whole set) but not sure how much does outside sells them. I'm kinda liking them and have been using them for about a month or so. Some people claim that they feel oily after putting the toner but for me it's alright and i can put all3 products and i still don't feel oily at all. So i guess it works for me. Gonna use these for quite some time and may change to other product to suit my skin condition. Lol, i've real problematic skin.

So, that's all for today, just a random post haha ciaos.

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