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Well, had higher mother tongue paper today lol idk what to say about it. I shall blog about my mother tongue teacher next time, it's just their way of teaching is .. idk. Whatever, shall leave that for next post (shall schedule one). Anws, so now i have about 1.5 week of exam breaks that another 2 days of MCQs and then taaa-daaaaa~~~ free from O level .. FOREVER (hopefully ... *touch wood*.

So tomorrow is zhimin's birthday, i know it's some day this week. Haha i'm such an ass, i can't even remember my awesome friend's birthday but anyways i am going out with her tomorrow, for a movie. Bought her present already but still have not receive it (yeah, ordered online). Hopefully it comes soon~

Sigh, my holidays are pretty much packed, don't think i can work this year haha. Mummy suggest that i help daddy with his work. Hmm ...

Thats all! Byes.

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