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Hi~ Not sure if  i've already posted this picture before, but never mind lol. Anws, i have created tumblr :) lol my social network is expanding lol wtf. So if you want, you can follow me on tumblr and i will follow back most likely ... :B. Created tumblr cause .. i was bored i guess? Haha idk, purely for fun. But i guess i will be posting lots of pictures and etc over there since reblogging is like so easy LOL. Had headache while trying to find a nice blogskin but manage to settle with something simple.

Shall blog again some times soon. Ciaos and enjoy your weekend ;winks~

btws, i'm wondering when nuffnang is sending me the money i have checked out? Lol. I checked out on 04 september and 30 days has been over and i've not received anything yet .. maybe they demoted me so i have to wait for 60 days lol then probably by end of november i should be receiving it .. lol first time checking out an amt from nuffnang :p.


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