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packed my room a little today and manage to "throw" some things away. Well, i said "throw" because actually i went to recycle all my worksheet, yeah into the recycle bin. Hopefully it will helped to save some trees lol but i don't think it will. Since, anws, regardless of how much i recycle, there are "people" who will keep chopping down trees for paper anws. Lol, whatever, i sound like one of those hard-core "go green" or "save the earth" people. Haha whatever, i just prefer to recycle things which can be reused or recycle lol. Gonna continue packing up my stuff tomorrow and pack those i can give to me juniors :)

Went to cut up my bracelet, since i can't wear it neither did i manage to sell it away. So yeah, i cut out the charms which i can use them in making something else next time.

That's all for today, have to ake up pretty early tomorrow morning to meet up with zhimin, jeffrey, melissa leow and dian rong (glendon) for some "shopping". Ciaos~


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