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So, i went to catch "Breaking Dawn 2" with Zhimin @ amk hub cathay. Haha silly girl, never bring jacket, end up almost freezing up. Also, we went to take neoprints, 2 rounds of it. Had a good time and i love neoiprints machine! Idk why but i kinda look awesome in it HAHA. And the machine was different from last time so .. yeah. I Like the current machine's effect and decoration. Well, our poses were a little mundane, we shall try something interesting next time~

some close up shots of the photo. In some of the photos i seem to be winking but no, i thinkn my eyes are imbalance, one side big one side small lol. Whatever :B.

Anws, i really really really like taking neoprints with my friends. Haha its fun and yeah. I like to spam loads of decoration since i paid $10 for each round i must decorate till $10 worth for each photo so then more worth it LOL wtf. I'm looking forward to taking more neoprints with my friends teehee ^^.

That's all for today, ciaos~
p.s. i might consider installing one of this in my house next time .. wtf LOL



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