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hihi :D~
haha it has been quite some time since i last blog, mostly beause i was lazy and i'm back to anime which i got kinda addicted and also i spent lots of time reading manga haha.Oh and btws ..


Yay?! LOL well, i'm feeling .. neutral ._.? Cause like since i didn't really work especially hard or it, but still i did studied except i use computer and play as usual during o-level period. So now i can finally pack my room and recycle those that's not needed and give those i can give to my juniors. 

Life isn't that bad nowadays except for the fact that uh .. i'm short of cash :P? Eh-heh. Yeah, many would be like i should get a part time job and etc but i can't, for now. Because i have chalet next week and i'll be overseas from 13- 23 december (going beijing, again). But, Eve's mummy was kind enough to offer me a job as a promoter for some event. Well, not a high pay but whatever, as long as i have fun and some experience can liao. Melissa Tay joining me but i'm not sure about Zhimin, Melissa Heng though. Hopefully they can hehe. Will be working from 27 dec to 11 Jan.

So since o's over so now all i have to do is read up about some schools and pray to get good results next year. Honestly speaking, i do want to do well and get good grades for o's. But, however, i'm not really expecting anything very good from my o level results/cert. I guess i will be receiving an average score i guess? Well, hopefully i can get into a pretty good jc :0

That's all, shall blog more soon. Byes :)~


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