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when i was younger ..

- I have no idea what's the value of money.
- I take very long time to finish up my food. (But now i am like really fast lol)
- I get along well with everyone ( i guess?)
- I was rude; talked back to my parents and grandparents lol
- my mum thought that i wasn't her daughter apparently because i was born tanned.
- I was a tom boy
- I didn't care about my appearance at all
- I stole things before
- my cousin (Jolene) and I were not if very good terms
- I was naive ( i actually thought that bluetooth-ing needs money lol. Paid my cousin $0.50 for each songs she bluetooth me lol)
- I watched digimon, power rangers, ultraman, powerpuff girls, totally spies, spy kids, teletubbies and etc.
- I didn't know that there are countries and i thought singapore was the whole world.
- I spent a lot of time with my dad at the arcade, neoprint booths and the night market (pasar malam).
- I was super happy to have a brother and i enjoed playing and taking care of him. (Now .. hmm .. so-so? ;x)
- I cannot really take spicy food. (but now i can).
- I use to live on the 23rd floor, in the same black as my grandparents(mother side).
- I used to get scolded by my younger uncle a lot.
- the television was my main source of entertainment.
- I didn't have xbox, gameboy etc.
- I learned abacus.
- I tried to be independent but ended up causing more trouble for daddy.
- I skipped my CCA for about a month or so and lied to my dad.
- I forged mummy's signature because i scored badly for spelling.
- I could only use the computer for not more than 2 hrs ( and that was till primary 5 or 6).
- there was once where I fell down and scrapped my knee and cheek (thank god there wasn't any scar left lol).
- I use to have a maid to take care of me.
- my dad use to read bed time stories for me every friday night 
- my dad taught me a way to hold me pee (lol wtf but i still use it if i am that desperate)
- i stapled my left thumb
- played with my aunt's cosmetics and dance around in her heels

(p.s. actually wanted to do 50 but ... who will read all 50 anws? Haha, feel free to do this if you want to.)


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