Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 4:30 PM with

watched this for like, i think 5 times? Yeah and it still made me laugh out loud. Haha omg is damn funny la! And why is it that funny that i can laugh at this video over and over again? Watch it to find it out. Haha omg. Anws its a korean variety show called shinhwa broadcast and they did it with super junior and they having a dance competition with each other.

So, its thursday already and btws, this is a scheduled post. So right now i should be in school :) Hehe. Well i am worrying for english tuition later cause i think i'm gonna get nagged, or scolded at for my compo x.x eeeeks....


[edited] got back my compo from tuition and i did pretty well *phew*



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