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well, well. It has been quite a while since i last wrote a proper post i guess. As usually, my laziness ate up all my motivation for studying x.x .. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Anws, tomorrow marks the second week of my exams and This second week is the horrible one lol. Never mind after this week is over i can relax already haha.I'm a little worried for my emaths paper, but other that that english was fine i guess? For now, i just hope the rest of the paper will be fine.

Oh, btws i have hanged my blogskin again (if you did not realise lol. I really modified it a lot compared to the original one. Hmm, so, follow me on twitter (i'm there almost everyday lol) or ask me anything in formspring (please, no stupid questions and if you're just horny, go and read some porn magazines or whatever). Ciaos ~

P.s. i really worried.


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