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yesterday had amaths paper 1 and social studies. Social studies was fine and i find myself lucky .. in the way that i only studied a lot on governance and it came out .. hmmm. Well, that's so brave of to just study one theme and enter the exam hall wtf haha. Ms Joe said, "Whoa, you study 2 chapters only you still dare to go for your exam uh." oops :B Well was a little disappointed with my SBQ but hopefully my SEQ scores. Then amaths paper 1 was rather ... disappointing? Because i made careless mistakes here and there and yeah .. well, rather sad about it because amaths is one of the subject which i am confident of lol.

Today had amaths paper 2 which i was rather satisfied with it hopefully it can pull up my overall amaths marks and secure my 'A1' x.x ~ then after that have chemistry paper 2. Well i know many would say organic chemistry is easy etc etc but i only understand it today when revising with the help of zhimin haha (love ya, ho chih min~) and i was able to do all my questions. Well, hopefully for chemistry i did well.

Tomorrow is geography paper 1. So, byeees :D~~


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