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So, its another lazy sunday again. Well, i just did a social studies essay and mailed it to miss joe, hopefully she gets it haha. This week is ending and there's school again tomorrow. Oh, and next friday is my graduation day :) haha.

Yesterday i had tuition and the in between 3.30 to 6.30 i went to find mummy @ the library. Aunty Jenny came by because mummy said she wanna see Xiang and Marcel (my childhood friend) came too. So my bro went to play with Xiang, mummy was happily talking away with aunty jenny.while i'm left with marcel to talk. Haha, had a good time talking to him. Pttf, i'm older than him by a few months but he is like bigger than me in terms of size by about 3 times LOL. Rugby player, but he has not been training so he is like "bloated" now LOL, yes he become fatter haha.

Saw this on facebook and the first 3 words i saw are: Love, Beauty, Youth.
Well, it's true for me though, haha what about you?


Tjhat's all for today, off to do my emaths~ ciaos!


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