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It's monday, lol. Just showered and decided to crap a bit over here. Nothing much (lol as usual) happened today. English was rather .. boring :P .. oops! Haha maths was fine but i was doing geography and for social studies, did an sbq. Thank god zhimin reminded me that there's geography homework and thank god i did it during maths and recess, or else i would be scolded by Mrs Ng damn badly. Yeah, she flared up during geography, so .. heng ah~

I've not started planning my revision timetable lol but i had already planned my holidays LOL.After o's immediately chalet, in fact in between o's i'm gonna go to AFA with melissa leow, zhimin and alvin. Then mid december i'm flying away to china. Yeah still about 2 onths to go but i'm already starting to shop for things i want to bring to china LOL wtf. But i didn't spent a lot, i tried to control myself, and it works, by saying that i can buy all these over there at china for a lower price. So being a cheapskate, it works.

So, that's all for today, tatas~


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