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Boo :) it has been some time since I last blog. Have been going to the library with mum and bro nowadays to study and seriously, once again, I have to say this: my brother is REALLY irritating. Really. Because we all share one table and every time he wants to erase something, he will do it and causing tremors throughout the table, causing an unwanted and unnecessary earthquake. Every time I ask him to stop, he make sure the table shakes even harder -.- grrrrr. And he is so noisy and annoying! And my mum actually asked me to sit at another table if I cannot stand him wtf. Yeah the whole library is mine I can take as many tables and chairs as I want.

oh well, gonna continue with my chemistry and emaths, o level starts next Monday, all the best to me and everyone :) byeeeee ~

random note: I am currently typing this from my mum's iPad lol, in the library. And I have no idea why my tweets cannot be seen on my blog ._.


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