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It's gonna be another blog post about me ranting, again. Yes, that means a post with the ratio of words to pictures of 5:1. S if you're not interested, go to this website and look at something cute, really :)
She's Lauren, one of the babies in 'Hello Baby Season 5 MBLAQ'


Anyways i am not sure why i keep ranting about things nowadays. Maybe it's because i am like or it's because i don't usually blog about my personal feelings/thoughts/views/issue in my secondary school live for the past 3 years till now. That is why, probably, all the pent up frustration just comes out all at one go. And because i am graduation tomorrow (12/10/12), i just feel blogging about everything since secondary 1. Full post will be up some time later. But not now though.

I agree with what my friend had once said about secondary school. Secondary school is like a place, that just hits you with reality. It's a place where you get to meet people and you know, somehow, that whether or not this person is your true friend or not. At the same time, its when you start to think and mature up (for some people, not there yet). You will learn how to see people more clearly and judge them. Yeah they always say "Don't judge me", "you have no rights to judge me" blah blah blah but isn't that contradicting to "it's my mouth, i say what i like"? Most of us, not all, do judge on others. Judging can mean anything like see if that person is a friend or yours or not. Anws, secondary school friends are friends that will be your longest friend, that's what my friend told me. Because now you know who is worthy of trusting and who is the bitchy one.

It's kinda complicated, contradictive and confusing, lol pttf. Seriously, every time i think more about friendship stuff, i will think a lot. Like from different point of views and when that happens, its a good thing because it broadens my mind and i understand why he or she does that and the reason behind that, but the bad thing is that i will end up contradicting myself. And when i want to say something about it, i just end up keeping quiet lol. Why? Because i somehow gotten my own conclusion and when things get too complicated my brain just shut them out and the end, end of discussion, and the conclusion is just anyhow lol.

Shall stop blogging already, or else i won't even know what am i even saying. Shall blog again tomorrow, tatas.

 Yeah, shall look on the bright side and be more positive.


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