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(Yui from K-on!)

Haha i just showered not long ago and after reading my book for a few minutes, i was like doing my geography homework until .. a few minutes ago .. hehe. Yes i'm back to my computer again, typing away on my keyboard lols.

Nah, actually i just wanna wiki some info regarding about iceland, volcanoes and hotspots lol yeah, some geography stuff. My geography teacher is kinda predicting that volcanoes will be out, so is natural veg or weather and climate i think yeah, as for river and coast it might be combined or something.Anyways, whatever the case is, these four chapters will be out, so i just have to study them. Lol, i'm crapping.

Anws just gonna quickly blog about what happened recently.
Nothing much really happened anyways. #summarised 

LOL.Timetable has changed and now each subject has about 1hr 30 mins of lessons. I find it really productive for maths but when it comes to english .. my mind just wanders x.x .. gahh and i am not supposed to do that :/ .. For phyiscs and chemistry it was so-so, for humanities it was fine. But Jean, Yaksheni, Zhimin and I are like having picnic at the back of the class for almost the entire time LOL. Haha Keep on eating and eating and eating and eating, talking and talking and talking, disturbing one another, playing and etc .. as if o levels end already like that LOL.

So that's all for today, 20 more days to my first (okay not really, since i took SPA, chinese and oral since last year) paper of O-Level. Kinda wow, but yeah. Yup, so, byeeee :D

Oh, and one more thing:

hehehehehehehehe :D

P.s. i'm totally totally totally not looking forward to thursday. sigh, last week tuition i written an essay and i think i wrote out of point and i am so gonna be scolded on thursday .. definitely x.x omg.


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