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okay, I'm feeling a little lazy :/ .. so ..
gonna just post two videos .. songs again, shall blog again tomorrow haha. 
Came across this 2 songs while reading

In case you do not know her, she's Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls. She's the youngest member too i guess haha. This from her latest solo album and i can't wait for her song - "Tinkerbell" to be released! Haha, i saw the teaser though. 
[Mini Album] GaIn - Talk About S.

Go here if you're interested to download her songs:


This is a new group that has just debut not long ago with Kpop Star winner Park Ji Min and another girl called Baek Yerin. Their group name is called 15&.
[Single] 15& (Park Ji Min & Baek Yerin) - I Dream
Download link here:
So enjoy and have a happy weekend :)
Btws, i really wanna thank for existing lol. Because now i can like download kpop songs easily and they upload new song/albums/videos very fast. Like really. Its constantly updated lol. 

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