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Morning~ yes i have changed my blogskin and this is my second time mentioning it lol. How do you guys find it? So today i am gonna blog about my week and some other random stuff maybe. But don't worry, its not going to be a post full of words, i will be posting some pictures too~

Okay so, there's nothing much things to blog about from monday to wednesday because basically it was all about getting back my results and etc .. but uh i will blog about my results some other days haha. So wednesday or thursday mummy went to Legoland. Yes .. LEGO-LAND. The one somewhere at malaysia (?) She went there for work and seeing the photos that she had taken, i can see that she enjoyed herself haha and i also found some zilian photos (self-shot) of her HAHA, taken some pictures from her and here is it:

It looks interesting though. Mummy works in the engineering line so i guess she went to check on some machines and etc. Not gonna post any photos of her haha.

And mummy bought this for me! Jack Sparrow + Lego with my name on it haha, so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

So i am addicted to reading books nowadays, yes reading~  This book is quite interesting except some parts just makes you feel a little annoyed or irritating because ..... hehe not gonna be a spoiler! Haha but its a nice story though, Hui Jean also agrees with me~~

Had lunch with melissa tay, zhi min and en qi on friday

On friday, daddy went to operate his year because suddenly it just swell and tere's a lump there. I didn't even notice it at all wtf? Sigh. Mummy and i only knew that he's going for operation on thursday but luckyily everything is fine, just a minor operation and yes he can hear well *phew* and friday was mummy's birthday too.

I realised that this year, mummy and daddy have not celebrate their birthday together as one family on the actual day , according to the english calender. So instead, we celebrated both their birthday on their chinese birthday instead. So somewhere in mid october is mummy's chinese birthday.

So that's all for today's post, shall blog again probably tomorrow, hehe ciaos~


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