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Hmmm .. these are my plants haha. Have been taking there for quite some time already, hope they continue to get bigger! These are air-plants, I just need to water them and expose them to lots of sunshine haha. No need for anything else~

And yeah, this is my previous phone, which is the one i had before nokia N9. And haha yeah, it's also nokia, nokia 5530. Sigh, idk what to say about this phone, i still liked it i guess haha and idk why.  Small and handy, not that boring like my N9 cause i can change and personalise the theme :) hehe. Oh and i bought a new earpiece since the previous one is spoiled. Hopefully this phone can still last me for quite some time because ... i have no idea when am i getting a new phone.

So this is just a quick update today and that's all~
shall blog again tmr,. ciaos :)

P.s. I finally accumulated $50 in nuffnang .. LIKE OMG WOW LOL. Cause i have no idea how long has it been, it took me more than a year to get that amount ._. if only i'm as popular as Xiaxue/Qiuqiu/PxdKitty (rachel) maybe i can cash out the money faster, earlier and more haha.:P


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