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Yay~~ Finally! LOL erm prelims had ended just few hours ago haha. Well, not exactly do i feel relax or happy that prelim is over, just feeling normal and neutral lol. As usual i guess haha. O level is next week luckily there's prelims .. at least i gets me started to study. But some school like NCHS they have like 4 prelims .. :/ hmmm ..

Well, SECRET has a new some and made their come back haha. The song is pretty catchy and the dance is .. . sexy~ haha i like the dance :p. And idk haha i think Sunhwa has become prettier, maybe it's because she cut bangs haha. i find that she's really pretty in this video and her figure is like ... why so goooood?? Haha. Oh well and i heard that hyosung has become slimer etc and i think she looks charming with short hair but i still prefer with long hair though. And she dance real good.

Since when did i started getting addicted to kpop? I used to be like anime this and that manga here and there. Well, i still read mangas haha and as for anime i kinda stop. Not because i don't like them anymore but i know once i start its hard to stop and plus i can save all of them and watch them all at one go after o level without having to wait for new episodes kekekeke. Rather than watching japanese or korean dramas, i watch korean variety shows instead haha its more fun and comedic.

So that's all for today~~ ciaos :D

btws ... i think qiuqiu (blogger) and sunhwa look alike .. hmmm ...


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