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See this stack of paper here?
These are prelim test papers, all of them. So i get back all my results and i must say its not that bad but just not up to my usual standards i guess? I was kinda disappointed in my amath and emath, physics and chemistry not really because i didn't really study them. English and HCL was fine i guess and my humanities was okay. But my pure geography paper did made me happy and i hope i can do as well as how i did in prelim for o level too. So here are my results:

(P.s will only reveal grades but not the actual score)

English - B4
Higher Chinese - C5
Chemistry - B4
Physics - C6
Socials Studies + Elect-History - B4
Pure Geography - A1
Emaths- A1
Amaths - A2

Hopefully in o's i can score more As lol. Honestly speaking i did really study much for prelims, except for geography. social studies and history but history i didn't do that well because my sbq i didn't write some of the concluding statement and didn't really finish the paper. Also, for the SEQ does that i have studies didn't really come out, as in the factors that i focus on of the chapters that will be tested wasn't out. Social studies was fine i guess? Haha. As for amaths and emaths not much studying done. HCL i screwed paper 1 but slightly improved for paper 2 :/ .. as for my sciences i honestly didn't study much. Chemistry i just flip through my textbook and physics i drilled on my mcqs.

A mini Domo plushie my aunt bought for me some time to cheer me on.
I guess its really really really really time to stop playing and get some work done. O's is just in 3 weeks.


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