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Yeah, morning~ haha. This picture was taken some time ago, during April i think? Haha, Anws, i've changed my blogskin .. again! I find this blogskin nicer than the previous one haha, what do you think? Hehe. So, today i'm gonna blog bout pimples. And i've been having acne and pimples for a long time.And sometimes i wish they are like chicken pox, come out all at one go and gone for the rest of my life .. wtf? LOL.


oh yeah, and i really do hate them.

To some people it might just be like, " It's just a pimple, it will be gone anws.' And to those people whose face are pimple-free, i'm very envious and jealous of you. I've been having pimples for the past 7 years, yeah since i was primary 3. I remember when i was in primary school, my condition was like terrible? Oily face, oil enough till you can see my forehead shining LOL, and erm yeah didn't really take care of my face or care about my appearance much. But i become more self conscious of my own image as i grow older haha.


Especially during that period of the month, i'll have lots of pimples or breakouts. And i really hate it. I feel insecure when i have alot of pimples on my face. Although to some people my current facial condition is still not good, but comparing to the past, it's already waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy much better, by a lot! Now because i take care of my face so things are getting better and i hope they continue to get better and better as day passes.


So, i will blog again about this but i will be sharing my facial routine and how i take care of my skin and the products i use. And that's all for today~ ciaos~ Haha and yeah-heaa~ september holiday is here!! It's just 1 week but oh well, better than nothing :)

this song came out quite some time ago already haha.

sigh and she's so pretty ~ haha

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