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Anime - 'Ao No Exorcist' , Starring - Okumura Rin


just had dinner not long ago and yeah, as usual watching korean variety shows and reading manga. Haha, sigh, i have like 5 big fugly pimples on my face now wtf  ): 2 or 3 around my chin area and one mad big one, but thank god not very obvious, on my right side of the face, nearer to the end of my cheeks. Grrrrr ): and today my cca held a farewell part for the graduating seniors, which includes me haha will blog about that tomorrow or so. 

Well, got back some of my results .. erm they are not bad but its not up to my standard i guess? To others it may already be good or very good, but to me, i know how ell i can do i know how well i can score and i must say, i seriously deproved. Which is kinda sad cause .. my friends around me are either stabled or improving, so i guess it's really time to wake up. 

Shall blog and review about my results after i get back all of then haha. Okay, shall blog till here, gonna go and do some other stuff hehe, byes :D!


P.s. okumura rin is so cute :3!

the 2nd opening theme song for this anime.

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