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This is my phone's model - Nokia N9.

I remember blogging about it and i was happy with my new phone. But it seems like the whole new craze is about Nokia Lumia haha. But its okay. I like nokia because it's durable and yes, according to 9gag, nokia cannot be destroyed, it can also destroy. Haha.

I dropped my nokia phone many times and everytime, i'm like: " Nah, its okay since it's nokia anws." But yesterday .. after i dropped my phone, i was like .... 
 (source from 9gag)
 YEAH, SHIT I DROPPED MY NOKIA. But, my floor didnt break lol ... instead ...


LOL like wts only? The screen came off but did not crack .. well as long as i put it back it will still work but i had a hard time putting it back so i'm gonna get someone to repair it. And yes, currently i do not have a phone, so i cant reply sms neither can i answer any calls yet. I have a spare phone thought, another nokia phone HAHA.

As you can see, i support nokia (Y) LOL. Maybe its because i have been using nokia for quite a long time already, since primary 3, and i had only used sony phone once. I prefer nokia because it's durable and good. Well, that's my personal opinion, but many would prefer iPhones, blackberry or samsung. I might be changing to samsung next time .. that depends though. 

So that's all for today~ byes~~~
(P.s. thank god my phone is still under warranty *phew*)


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