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Recently, i have been eating biscuits for recess, lunch or breakfast and that's because melissa leow have been like eating biscuits for don't know how many years for recess LOL no wonder she so petite and .. yeah haha. Well, this is another biscuit i get to know through her lol, its nice though, plain but tasty.

This two packets of sweets, erm the blue one is soda flavour and the green one is honey lemon. They're damn chewy and juicy! It just makes you want to keep eating more and more .. yeah i couldn't stop after one and i couldn't resist the urge to not to buy more than one packet lol. There are other flavours too, like grape or apple. Personally i have only tried this 2 flavours and i am already addicted to them lol. Olene or doris introduced this to me i think? Haha.

And this is my dinner. Maggie mee ba ku teh LOL. Obviously made by my grandma. I like to eat this once it a while though ..not too often cause its kinda oily sometimes i guess? And it taste damn good with you tiao haha.

that's all for today random blog post about food, ciao~

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