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hihi~ its finally friday .. sigh whenever it comes to holiday, we hope that friday will come slower and when there is no holiday, we want friday to come faster. Haha lol. Everybody loves holidays, #fact. Hmm .. shall blog a little then i shall start revising for history kekekeke. Btws erm ..


Since i previously blogged about pimples (click here for the post). So today, i'm gonna blog about the facial products i used and will do a mini review on the products.Erm .. these are my personal views and opinions about the products and if it works for me, doesn't mean that it will definitely work for you. But you can try them out :P hehe

So, here are the facial cleansers that i used. I have been using the ' Lady & Skin Bubble Oxygen Mask Cleanser' which i bought from Korea last yeah and the 'Happy Tea Time in Aloe Tea' from Etude house. I used the lady&skin one in the morning, because i feel that it's less harsh and pretty mild. I find that my face gets less oily throughout the day compared to last time and my skin feel fresh after i used it. As for the Etude one, i used it only at night because i fins that it can cleanse my skin more thoroughly. And my skin doesn't feel dry after using it.

It's important to wash your face at least once a day, not more than twice because i heard that your skin will become more dry. Also instead of double cleansing, wash it once thoroughly.

Personally i have not used the hello kitty one, but Enqi (my friend) says that it's not bad.

Next is of course moisturizer! Hmm .. i don't have a specific routine for this or specific step to use whcih one first but i don't use all these products together at the same time on my face LOL, that's crazy o.o? I loveeeee facial mist! Haha idk why, i just love them and i use them everyday every time after i wash my face. The one lying horizontally is from Avene, introduced to me by Enqi again haha. The other facial mist is right at the end, left side. Haven been using it for 2 years or so and i find that its not bad, and the smell is really refreshing. Every morning when i use the sprays, i feel awake lol .. duh.

After the sprays i would put either the physiogel lotion or the one right at the end, right side or the one in blue from Lady&Skin again. I'm fine with all three, but i will use the lotion at night because it tends to get a bit oily at times and i don't want to be outside of my house with an oily face :/ .. So i use either the A'Kin one or the Lady&Skin one. They can last me for almost the entire day in school before my face gets oily again .. haha.

Facial mask. Yes, i did mention before i have a lot of them, not as much as compared to XiaXue haha. Well but these are the facial mask i bought and they are like 65% of it only because i have used the rest already earlier this year. I have tried out many mask and finally found those i like and those that suits me alot. Especially the ones from Love More , My beauty Diary, Etude and the one right at the back on the left (ps forget the brand name haha).

Basically, most my mask are for moisturizing except the one at the back is for acne and i just used it last night .. its awesome! Instead of the usual moist and wet mask sheet is like erm gel-like mask? Yeah and once you put it on your face, it just feels so coooooooooling~

This is the banana yogurt mask i bought this year and its really good. My skin feels smooth after putting it. And my pores also gets a little smaller (better than nothing haha, since my pores are horrendous and rather big). Put it on for 15 minutes and wash it away, then move on to putting facial mist or moisturizer.

These two are for removing dirt/dead skins and impurities from you skin. This is important because then later when you put on your other facial products they can work better. I like both very much becaus ethey don't dry up my skin.

And so, personally i have rather sensitive skin. And if i use certain products it might cause it too be either too dry or oily .. yeah pretty problematic and troublesome x.x so i use a combination of products and tried out many many different products until i get what i want haha. So that's all for today! Hope you enjoy reading my post haha .. yeah and its long :p

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Sigh .. Sandara Park's skin is so nice and she's such a beauty haha. Shinee is just .... cute (Y)!!

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