Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 9:11 PM with

Yui and Ui from k-on1

Well in case if some of you didn't notice, i have once again changed my blogskin. Like wow, second time this month and like the fourth of fifth in this year lol. O level is officially starting in exactly one month's time (22 october2012) and yes i still have time to change my blogskin... wtf? Haha anws, not gonna blog about anything much today because its already like freaking 9pm and i have not done a single homework, neither did i did any revision at all. Yes i spent my saturday, today, changing blogskin, eating, watching variety shows and day dream. That's all LOL. So i have to get my lazy ass of my chair now and shower. After that maybe i should do some ..... reading. Yeah story books shall leave school stuff tomorrow, ciaos~~


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