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its sunday and there's school tomorrow! Sigh since prelims has ended, school is back to the normal time table .. which means i can't get to go home early ): Well, probably gonna get back some of my papers tomorrow haha and i'm already prepared to see a fail grade for both my higher mother tongue and elective history. Hmm .. oh well~

Bought things from gmarket again and it arrived like 2 weeks ago or something haha. 

Its some facial product that i heard from Enqi that its very good and expensive but i manage to get it for a rather low price on gmarket. Is a sleeping pack cream, a mask where you put to sleep and wash it off the next morning. I have not tried it since i still have many many many other products which i have not used them yet. But enqi had tried them and she said that it was good. Well .. i heard from someone that i takes about 3 months to see the effect of the product so .. yup.

chocolate! Bought them @ watsons for $2.90 .. sudden crave for them.

And yes finally, mummy bought eye drops for me. I have not been using them for quite some time already and i am suppose to use them daily haha. But never mind, happy that i've them again. This makes my eyes really relax and moist. I mean duh thats the purpose of eye drops .. right? Lol. But since i have sensitive skin issues .. i'm using this one only.

that's all for today, gonna have tuition soon. Tatas~~


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