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So on 17 september, had a farewell party, organised by my juniors from my CCA haha. In case you don't know about my cca, i am from wushu, aka martial arts. I have been in this CCA since primary one, really. My uncle tried to persuade me to join ballet with my cousin .. but he failed :P hehe. Anws the party is for those people who are graduating, it was kinda fun i guess haha, shall post some pictures.


So my CCA gave me a card, with a badge which is pretty cute haha. Lixuan and i were discussing about the colour of the badge. Welll, because our CCA tee this year is also yellow lol. Then the gift below which has got ferrero roche and a ball point pen with a mini hand-written card is from mdm toh :)

(above)  some pictures of the card

Jiaying told me that she was the one who typed out the letters on the card haha, thank you :) Btws, just nice one the day of celebration, its also jiaying's birthday hehe!

Things that Eve, Keng Hian and Jiaying has written for me.

And also, these 3 are the best juniors of mine i guess? Not forgetting maybe kevin kwek and bao hua haha. Well, hopefully these people can be bff and yeah, strive hard for their o level next year! Haha. Omg i feel like a senior now after saying all this lol wtf. But still, thanks for the party and the effort that you guys have put in!! The pizza was awesome, duh :P ~


well, so i guess that's all for today will blog again tomorrow. Ciaos :) and enjoy your weekend~


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