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Jagabeeeeeeeeeee~~ Mummy bought it for me. Lol, yeah nowadays i keep on buying snacks :/ .. my mouth just needs to keep chewing and i have no idea why haha. Argghhh yeah whenever i keep eating my mum will be like, " Later you become my size uh.' LOL.

Onigiri. So cute and its yummy~ bought it from ntuc haha.

No idea why i bought this, i just saw it and it says cheese and blah plus its on offer so i bought it LOL. 

So, instead of going school today for celebration, i went to Ai Tong instead for wushu rehearsal. Performance is next friday and i'm still kinda worried x.x i scared i screw up the whole thing because when i take off my spectacles, i'm as blind as a bat (LOL piang eh, this simile so old liao haha). Then after training, went to amk hub for Ajisen with brother. He had seafood ramen while i had pork curry ramen. I just love spicy food ... (Y). And the pork was awesome!

Okay so here's a huge-ass picture of me posing with my little twin star body lotion. Started using it yesterday only. Didn't realise how dry my legs have become until recently. And btws, that was my hair and fringe like 1 hour ago .. LOL just went to cut (more like trim lol) my hair. Not much difference anws haha. Okay so that's all for today, shall blog again soon, ciaos~~


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