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Lalala~~ Sigh~ finally can relax for awhile *phew* LOL. Anws today's weather .. wasn't that bad rather cooling but it was somehow dark, gloomy and uh .. drizzling/raining a little. So today, most of the schools celebrated ACES Day (All children Exercise Day, if i'm not wrong LOL) and Teachers' day in advance together. As usual, many decided to pon (skip) school because they feel that its gonna be very sian (boring) and a waste of time.

So anws, i went haha. Because i want to give my teachers present. Initially our school, is split into different groups, some do skipping and some do juggling with legs lolol. But because of the weather we cancelled all these activities. The teachers' day celebration/concert was fine haha lots of singing though. Okay, shall post some pictures now~

I bought this book at Ameba i think , and as you can see it says 'Insults & comebacks'. Melissa.H and I happen to saw this like 2 weeks ago and find that interesting, she wanted to buy but didn't and i thought this would be an interesting gift for my english teacher, Ms Loo. And yes, i bought it for her LOL. She seems to like it .. and i hope she does :p.

Bought these 3 tags for Mrs Samsol Mdm Low and Ms Joe.

And the card i made for the teachers haha. Rather simple one though :)

&' banana milk! Its really nice!
okay that's all for today and check out this cool video below (Y):




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