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Other than the year end count down fireworks, Singapore's NDP fireworks is another thing to look forward too. Every year its different, and this year's was awesome! Okay, btws i've really limited vocabulary .. so yeah HAHA. Took 50plus photos but just gonna upload some because the rest are not very clear :/ .. but they looks fine on my camera though o.o

okay so, here are the pictures!

That's mum and bro's back view haha, was testing camera, it has been a long time since i last used it .. really.

Since there was long queue every where, so we decided to buy some snacks to munch on while waiting for the fireworks. Went to Marina Square, and there was this Korean Shop, so we bought snacks from there. The banana milk is yummy omg ~~~~ I love milk (Y).

Manage to get a rather good view, it w3asn't that crowded at my side plus it was really windy and cooling. So shiok! Haha.

Mini fireworks to accompany to on-going performance haha, everybody went:, " Ooohh!! " Haha yeah, all of us were very excited.

Pretty Esplanade

Two pictures of my cheeky brother haha. He's a major coke addict ._.
So, here comes the part where all of us were very excited about ... Fireworks!!!

Isn't it beautiful?
Haha i think i did a rather good job in taking photos of the fireworks, you know the timing is important. I actually had a video of it but .. i accidentally deleted it -.- wtf right? Oh well, but luckily mum recorded it too, might upload it on my facebook instead :) Btws, i edited the photos too by making them clearer and brighter haha.

Yeah and after the fireworks, i can see macdonalds everywhere lawls. Yeah, some might say that maybe they just leave it there so because the're taking picxtures. Apparently, from my point of view, they just leave it there. Because no one bothered to pick it up and these rubbish just seems to be left there. Seriously ._. haha maybe should upload it on STOMP lol! Yeah, so much for being a litter-free country.

After that, we had KFC for dinner and then shop around for awhile and then home sweet home!

I must say, overall, the fireworks were awesome and i seriously like the sound of the fireworks like boomboomboom LOL. I really enjoyed the last part and the very very end when the fireworks just went boomboomboom continuously. While taking the photos, and plus having such a good view with cooling breeze, how can it not be awesome? Haha, with those lights flickering in front of my eyes haha ... it's really a very wonderful feeling. Gah, idk haha.

okay, so that's all for today's post, ciaos~~~

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