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Hihihi~~~ Today is National Day!! Wooooooo~ LOL. Yeah, It's Singapore's 47th birthday today haha congrats! May Singapore continue to prosper and be a safe country with good security and no natural disasters? Well, singapore doesn't really have like natural disaster since we're kinda well shield. But still, once in a blue moon we can feel some tremors, mini earthquakes .. hope it just remains minimal. LOL. Anws, mummy was wondering if we should go and catch the fireworks later but .. being me, i'm feeling uh .. lazy :p? Hehe, but most likely i'll go bah i guess?

taaa-daaa my Physics and Chemistry assessment books. Was wondering which one should i do first? Lol. But definitely i'll be doing my maths homework today HAHA. Yes, i'm bias, i love maths. I prefer calculations over theory .. i think o.o . Yeah i want to study but here i am, blogging LOL.

Hello Kitty Mask Sheets!

If you still don't know, yes i'm a huge fan of hello kitty. My love for hello kitty is as big as my love for mickey mouse and many other things .. (what?) LOL. So there's a give away going on so click here:

For more details :D

okay, that's all for today~~ byeeeeeeeeessss~~


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