Saturday, August 18, 2012 at 11:57 AM with

(keting and chyi fang)

 (toilet with awesome seats LOL)

So, yesterday i had a performance. At some hotel near city hall MRT lol ps i bad with remembering names of places where i don't frequently go to. So, Ai tong School (my primary school) is officially 100 years old! Haha, yay !! *Celebrates and claps*. So yesterday ATS wushu has put up a performance for the guest who are attending this event and the pictures are above, here is just a quick summary haha.

Had fun with keting and chyi fang while putting on make up and doing our hair (Thanks Beverley!)

Yeah and i've got a gift too! Haha, is a compilation of the past 100 years of ATS, got one for myselg, melissa heng and shaohuang.

 haha first time post my wake-up face lol. Yeah i realised that my face seems to be rounder as compared to the past few years haha .. meaning: I've become chubbier LOL. Anws, had english oral yesterday, wasn't that bad, hopefully i get a good score \\(x.x\\) ~~ *cross fingers*.

that's all ciaos~


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