Friday, August 3, 2012 at 8:05 PM with

Got another parcel and guess what i bought this time round? Haha

Bought 2 pairs of shorts and a skirt, haha ps no individul shots of them because i'm that lazy~ :p

The fried rice that my grandma helped me packed to school for recess (tuesday) cause i requested it. Well because i am kinda allergic to prawn (not very serious or severe cases, just that i cannot eat too much of them), and she packed the fried rice without prawn. Initially it was like one big bowl of fried rice with prawn.

Blueberry Bagel, bought it from NTUC haha. Not bad though.. had it for recess today. 

Mummy bought this haha all of a sudden .. (fruit) beer haha. Probably gonna share with dad~~ 
whatever, i still have my vodka LOL.

So, O's are seriously coming. Just had chemistry test today and i guess i don't really have the thing for organic chemistry :/ or maybe it's just that i'm not well prepared enough :O Sorry for not blogging for quite some time haha .. blog views decreased again LOL. Okay, gonna end here and continue with whatever i've been doing just now before blogging - reading manga .. LOL bye!


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