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Candies and gums my mum bought for me from hongkong/china. Yeah and tan yong shen ate 90% of the strawberry chewing gum LOL. Haha. Bought things from gmarket again, So .. hopefully they arrive soon! hehe, can't wait! Yeah i keep buying things and my wardrobe is seriously exploding soon .. i keep saying that i need to clear them but .... too bad, i'm jusy lazy :P

Had physics test yesterday .. well, 5 mrks gone! LOL sigh idk laa, i use to be very into science buy nowadays  :/ .. meeh~~ Idk la but o's is coming, got less than 3 months to prepare, better start preparing now i guess? Better late than never,

Saw this in today's newpaper @ the Life section, last page. SHINEE isgonna have a concert on the 8th of december. Was asking zhimin if she wants to go or not haha but she say see how first since, she might be going overseas during that period of time.

that's all for today, gtg shower and then dinner then study!! Ciaos~~


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