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in case if you're wondering what's this (above picture). Uh, i did blog and say that 2 days ago was my dad's birthday and i sent him a SMS, wishing him happy birthday. And then this is what he replied, " Birthday wish: please put your shoe properly."

LOL!!! Haha funny but yeah. My father is one those people who is very very neat. Whatever things you take/use/wear you have to put it back the same place later lol. So .. because i always leave my shoe in front of the door every time i get home .. he has to put my shoes back for me ;x hehe. Yeah, he did tell me a few times before and nagged me about it too haha .. shall try my best to fulfill his birthday wish then LOL ;x

Snacks that i ate it class. Toblerone is like my favourite chocolate among all i guess? Haha, yeah i like more than Hersheys ;x ooops. I usually will get sick by eating one full bar of chocolate but not for this. And the one behind is some cheese biscuit. Not bad~

Lunch @ Novena's KFC with Hee Jin, Enqi and Melissa Tay.
Had a good time, talk and gossip a lot but Enqi fell down today haha omg at the road somemore and just nice got one car coming by wtf!! So dangerous la! But heng uh ( luckily) she just scraped her knees. After lunch hee jin went of first but enqi and melissa stayed and accompany me to SASA.

Yeah, it has been a long looooooooooongg time since i last went SASA. Spent about $50 over there .. Feelin' broke now ):

Yup and here are the things i bought today. HAHA OMG SERIOUSLY, i bought the facial maskes and body lotions just because THE PACKAGING WAS CUTE LOL. Melissa was like, " Haha Xi tong only buy those cute cute stuff." Haha, i can't deny but to agree it, 100%. hehe :b Little twin stars body lotion and facial masks~~ Hehe

So that's all for today, shall blog again soon :O .. 


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